Monday, December 19, 2005

Quake 4 - Get Strogged

I was somewhat down on QUAKE 4 after my initial quick 20 minute stint but after playing more extensively I have seen the light, been saved, and am officially converted. You might even say I have been "Stroggified"! QUAKE 4 provides a refreshingly simple take on video games; one where you run and gun, blasting baddies (an alien race known collectively at the Strogg) at every turn. Many action/adventure games have gotten so sophisticated that you spend more time figuring out how to operate the lock picker tool to access the main computer room, so that you can power down the communications link. All this is after you search exhaustively for 20 minutes looking for the damn door that has the aforementioned lock that you must pick enabling you to complete "Objective 8c"!



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